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Why should you get married in Iceland? - Kat Deptula
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Why should you get married in Iceland?

5 reasons


Elopements are great way of getting married and making the wedding expeerience tailored to your very individual needs.  You can get married in front of majestic waterfall, on the top of the mountain, by the clear wild lake, or in the middle of nowhere. Wedding choices are limitless!

So why exectly should you get married in Iceland, if you have so many countries to choose from?


1. It’s an unique experience

If you’re looking for something different than a traditional wedding ceremony in your local church, Iceland is one of the best choices you can make! The variety of the landscape gives you endless possibilities to arrange your wedding in a way you really want to. It’s also super easy to move from the beach to the waterfall, for example, what gives you so many photography options! So if you are looking for uniqueness and variety on your wedding day, Iceland is definitely a place for you!

newly weds standing in front of waterfall in Iceland



2. It’s quiet and close to the nature

Not everyone likes the city buzz, especially when you are coming out of the church. Just imagine, that there will be  car accident somewhere and police and ambulance sirens will be louder than church bells. Sounds terrible, right? Well, in Iceland this is 99.9% impossible, simply because there is so many small towns and villages, all of them with beautiful, cute little churches, sometimes practically in the middle of nowhere. The only sound you can hear there are crows or other birds.


bride and groom walking alone on the black beach in ICeland



3. It’s LGBTQ friendly

Iceland is said to be the best country to live if you are a part of the LGBTQ community. Icelanders are extremely tolerant and there is nothing unusual in marrying whoever you want to marry. You can get married and enjoy the moment without worrying about stupid, offensive comments or weird looks.  It’s a little bit sad, that this point is on my list, because this should be just a normal thing anywhere else. Nevertheless this is one of the main reasons why you should consider Iceland as your wedding location.

LGBT girls kissing in reykjavik



4. It can be your honey moon at the same time

I know few couples who got married some time ago, but still didn’t go for their honeymoon. They decided to do it in few months from their wedding, but life showed them big, middle finger and few years later they are still at home. Thanks to its diversity, Iceland is perfect place for honeymoon! A lot of people I’ve met in Iceland have done it and none of them regretted this decision.

wife and husband standing in iceland



5. You can avoid meeting with family members you don’t really like

Let’s be honest – not everyone you invite to your wedding are truly your guests. It can be, that someone is invited, because this person is really important to other family members, or it’s just ‘a right thing to do’, but they are not your favorite person in the world. If you get married in Iceland, you can just say you are eloping, or it’s too expensive to invite so many people and you decided to do it surrounded only by Icelandic horses 😉

They are looking at moody mountains in Iceland




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