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Why equipment doesn’t matter? - Kat Deptula
local photogrpaher iceland takes photo on the ground in south iceland by the waterfall

Why equipment doesn’t matter?

One of the most asked questions in any photographer’s career.

Sometimes I am asked, what equipment do we use during our photo- and videoshoots. Of course I can answer really shortly and to the point. Actually, I already did, you can find the answer in part 2 of Q&A. But why is it important? Should you actually be concerned about that at all?

And the answer is…

Answer to this question is not as easy as it seems to be. You can say YES, it’s super important to have the best quality possible, especially now, when everyone who has iPhone is a photographer of some kind. That’s true, the quality of the ready product we are able to achieve nowadays is overwhelming. And of course you want to get the best of it, when you invest in your wedding photos. But does the equipment guarantee the quality of the shots shown on the producer’s website? No. And here’s the point where the answer to our initial question gets complicated.


Local wedding photographer in Ieland Kat Deptula is making photo of the couple in front of the waterfall


let’s say…

Let’s say you have absolutely no talent in drawing. Or you have never even tried to play the guitar. What happens, when you get the best set of crayons, the best canvas or the guitar that is a dream of many professional players all over the world?

Nothing. Nothing happens, because you have no idea, how to use them. The same situation occurs with photography. Doesn’t really matter how much someone paid for the camera or lens. Without an experience in using them, all of it is worthless. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not trying to say you should now go and ask each photographer how long has he been shooting weddings, eliminating those who are in the business for less than a decade.

What is an experience any way?

By experience I mean constant learning as well as working in different light and weather conditions. Who would you say is more experienced – a guy who is in the business for 20 years, but stays at the same locations or at the same studio all that time, or a guy who is in the business 2 years, but have shot with poor and great light conditions, with and without flash, in pouring rain and harsh sun, under the waterfall and in the middle of nowhere? I would definitely book the second one.


Wedding photogrpaher in Iceland working


how am i supposed to know?

Ok, but how do you know which is which? I mean, you have nothing in common with photography you just know what looks nice to you, so how can you tell right from wrong? Well, it’s very easy. Check the portfolio of the photographer who caught your eye. Is he shooting in different locations? Is he shooting all the year round? If there are two or more sessions at the same place, are they looking different (light, weather conditions, different angles, etc.)? If you answered YES to those questions you may be sure this photographer is constantly learning, making his service better and better. Sounds like perfect choice, doesn’t it?

Photographer should be able not only to compose the shot so that it’s eye catching, or to guide you through posing. What’s the most important, he should be able to catch the moment, these few seconds that will make a difference and stay with you forever. I guess it’s better to get those magic moments, rather than a perfect sharpness on the right eye, isn’t it?


So, just for a quick recap: it’s ok to ask your photographer about their equipment. But what really makes the difference is his / her ability to catch the moment, to actually use the equipment they own and constant broadening of photographic horizons.

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