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What time of year should you visit iceland? - Kat Deptula
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What time of year should you visit iceland?

When is the best time to visit Iceland…?

…and get married in Iceland?

When planning to get married in Iceland it’s very important to take weather into consideration. I know, sounds scary – what can I do about the weather? The truth is, you can do nothing, but you can prepare for it. Let me give you heads-up to what you might expect.



The most popular time for visiting Iceland is late summer, August to mid-September. The weather is warm (in Iceland standards) and Reyjakivik is bustling with nightlife. The days are still long but not too long, so you won’t have problems with sleeping. I love August because we can be out exploring the entire day and have a sunset at 11pm. Summer is perfect time to come to Iceland, if you want to do boh traveling and get married. This time of year days are long enough and you don’t have to resign from activities you always wanted to try. Plus, late summer, which normally we would call fall, gives us amazing, rusty colors full of oranges, yellows and reds. Yes, Iceland can be colorful too!

There technically is no “spring ” in Iceland. We can say, that we have 6 months of summer and 6 months of winter. The 1st day of summer is a public holiday that is celebrated on the first Thursday after 18 April. Quite complicated way to say when the summer starts, isn’t it? The early months of summer, May -July not only have some of the longest days of sunlight  but also spoil us with the beautifully blooming lupine, which you have probably already seen on my instagram. Definitely something worth considering while planning to visit Iceland for your elopement, honeymoon or any other occasion you’d like to capture on the photoshoot.


Bride and groom walking along lupine field



Visiting Iceland during the winter meand beautiful, shimmering blanket of snow, golden sun all day long and chance to visit famous ice caves or even observing northern lights, if we are lucky. There is one catch, though. Elopement throughout the winter in Iceland has to b done with great ammount of flexibilty. Days are beautifully lit, yes, but they are also very short – approximetely 4 hours long! On worse days, you can end up not seeing the sun for a few days in the row and then you can forget about those magical wedding photos from winter Iceland. Storms and blocled roads are the icing of this winter cake, and it it possible that you, your wedding photographer or anyone else involved in your elopement, will not be able to ge to the venue.


girl and boy playing in the snow in Reykjavik




Choosing the right time to visit Iceland and get married here is not the easiest one, I know that. The best advice I can give you is to think what kind of person you are. If you like to have everything perfectly planned and youlike to closely follow the checklist – choose summer. If you are flexible, relaxed person who is hardly getting stressed over things we can’t change – consider coming here during the winter.

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