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What is the best time for your photoshoot in Iceland? - Kat Deptula
girl in a hat with beautiful light

What is the best time for your photoshoot in Iceland?

Golden hour in Photography – does it exist?

By time, I mean an hour in the day. And by golden hour, I mean a certain photographic term which refers to a time in the day, shortly after sunrise or just right before the sunset, when the light is good, soft and pleasing. A great benefit of Iclandic winter is the fact that golden hour here lasts an entire day… three hours at least. You know, because of the short days we have around here.

Don’t you bother with that photographic gibberish. 

I mean, yes – the golden hour light is truly beautiful. But for our wedding photoshoot it shouldn’t really matter. Not to you, at least. Why? I know for a fact that any hour in the day, and most weather conditions, can give us the opportunity to achieve amazing results: show passion between you and your partner. 

Every time in the day has its good and bad sides and the weather in Iceland can change very often and unexpectedly. This won’t spoil the true essence of why we meet: to give you the best memories and create a unique photo story of your love that will stay with you forever.

I’m your guide through all of this. Before we start, we’ll talk about the photoshoot in detail. You can show me pictures that you fell in love with and tell me about yourself, what you want to achieve while taking your wedding pictures. I will care about the light, the exposure, and the correct equipment. Your role is to show up and be as comfortable and as natural with your partner as you can.

No matter the time of the day – any time can be a good time to take the shots, creating different moods… Let me show you some examples of what we can achieve, just take a look at the pictures below.

Sunrise till Noon


girl in a hat with beautiful light


Mornings in Iceland are ideal for brisk couples that like to have options and explore as much of an island and its locations as possible. The light is not very bright, so coupled with a bit or morning mist it can give an impression of a magical, enchanted land surrounding you and your partner.


Noon till Afternoon


two photos of coupkes taken in the same location but in totally different weather


This time of the day in Iceland can be super sunny, or super cloudy. No matter which of the two we’ll end up on the day of the photoshoot – both will give some interesting results. Exploring vast Icelandic flower-covered meadows, hiking to the top of a clif, or chilling at the feet of breathtaking waterfalls… in any of these activities you will look amazing. Guaranteed.


Afternoon till Sunset


Golden hour photoshoot of bride and groom in black sand beach in iceland


Soft lighting, mellow mood, calmness. The Sun gently caressing your faces, while you hold each other in your arms, full of trust and hopes for the future live together. In this truly romantic atmosphere there’s no one else but you two, standing hand in hand, facing the world… Do you like this description? It can be you and your significant other during an Icelandic afternoon.


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