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What is photo walk and why should you try it while in reykjavik? - Kat Deptula
reykjavik panorama in the evening with the sun set

What is photo walk and why should you try it while in reykjavik?

which type of photo – walker are you?

There are two main types of photo walks. The ones for photographers, and the ones for those who prefer to stay on the other side of the lense.

You don’t need to be a professional to join photographic walk in your dream destination. The only thing you need is passion for photography and willingness to meet people who share your interests and to learn from each other. Probably you will gain new perspective. Probably you will end up hanging out with other photographers that night.


Second type of photo walks guests are people who would like to have their photos taken by a local photographer. Do you need to be a model? No! Do you need to prepare for great fun? Hell yeah! In this article we will tell you a bit more about Reykjavik photo walks when you happen to spend your holiday here and you need those vacation pics of yours to die for.



reykjavik panorama in the evening with the sun set


Single traveller portrait photoshoot

Traveling alone? Definitely full of excitement, and we guess you’re looking for new challenges and new things don’t scary youat all, right? What about trying to become a portrait model for a local photographer in Reykjavik? You don’t need any experience. In fact ALL our Clients do this for the first time. All you need is to open for new experience and try to flirt with the camera.


brnette posigng on orange background

Single traveler with a purpose

Are you in Reykjavik for business? Or are you visiting Iceland because you are a digital nomad and you work from any place you want? It doesn’t matter it you’re here for a working holiday or to spice up this website of yours! Local photographer always comes handy in need.

male digital nomad workig in public space with his laptop


Family photo walk in reykjavik

We all know this too well. Family holidays are fun, but they ALWAYS lack of decent photographs of us taken while spending quality time with family. Photographic walk aroud the city gives the extra flavour to the whole trip and results are unforgetable. Photographer finally managed to capture our kids in Iceland without blurry faces! Yay! At last you bring real souvenir from Iceland. The one you can frame and put on the wall. And enjoy for years.

family having great time on holidays in reykjavikblack and white photo of mother chasing her little daughter on the streetdad holding his son upside down on the family walk in reykjavikmom havng her son on her shoulders with messy hair black and white photo


Couple photo shoot during reykjavik photo walk

Gosh, this sounds like a legit gift! And indeed it is. Booking local photographer in Iceland is easy and effective way to surprise your loved ones! Birthdays, anniversaries, or just simply romantic city break in Iceland. Any excuse is good enough to go back home with professionl photographs.


couple portrait with christmas lights


Just hanging out in reykjavik photo shoot

Always wanted those candid, unposed, relaxed pictures of yourself? Professional local photographer will capture your personality without you having to put too much effort in posing. So relax, forget about the photographer and prepare yourself for pure fun!


gir with the cat smiling

guy playing chess


Now it’s the time for you to make difficult decision which type of photo walk to choose. Or maybe propose something totally different? Well, sorry to say, we can’t make this choice for you. But we are here to help when you decide!

Are you looking for a local photographer in Reykjavik?
I’m here for you. Let’s get in touch!