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Weddings 2021 - how covid-19 will change them? - Kat Deptula
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Weddings 2021 – how covid-19 will change them?

Corona weddings 2021

Hard times, hard topics… Weddings 2021 will definitelly be different to all we know and what we are used to.  Covid-19 changed plans of most of us, also the ones connected with weddings. How the pandemic will change the wedding scene? I have no idea, but I do have some predictions.


In my opinion small weddings will be the main trend this year. Restrictions are so unpredictable, that it’s just safer to invite only closest family members and friends. Just imagine you invited too many people and now you have to call some of them and tell them that unfortunatelly you have to take back your invitation and they can no longer come. Boy, it has to feel bad…

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Elopement doesn’t necesarily have to be abroad. It can be done in your own country, but eg. in the location you always wanted to visit, but there was never enough time to do so. Or, if you really want to get married abroad and you will have the opportunity to travel, coordinationg only two people is so much easier than worrying about 20 or more guests. So I think minimalistic elopements might win weddings 2021, don’t you think?

Flexibility and planning at the same time

People will have to predict unpredictable and get prepared for everything. Secure the wedding contracts, vendors, photographers, venues, etc. But, at the same time, will have to still have a big dose of flexibility in case of new restrictions, in case of sickness and other issues that cannot be planned. Well, sometimes there’s nothing we can do about the problem and all we have left to do is to wait.

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I have to admit, sometimes I lack the patience. In my opinion weddings 2021 and the whole year in general, will trach all of us (yes, me too) to be patient and wait to see what comes next. I think vaccine will change a lot, but in what way – we can only hope for the best possible scenarios. I personally hope that as soon as we get the vaccine it will be possible to go back to normal life and plannning will not only be a distant memory of our finest days, but will actually become the reality again. Traveling for weddings, getting engagement photos, family mini christmas sessions, holidays… I like to dream big, have you noticed?


Last, but not least – I hope weddings 2021 will bring a huge appreciation for what we have lost, but used to take for granted: health, family, quality time, our friends and our loved ones. I trully believe that all that will help us to cherish the wedding day and any other life changing occassions more than we would before Covid.

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