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Wedding trends 2021 - what to expect - Kat Deptula
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Wedding trends 2021 – what to expect

Subjective list of wedding trends 2021

This year will be different. Full of unexpected events, spontaneous decisions and hope. The pandemic changed a lot in our lives, 2021 will be a year of vaccine and results expectations. Although harder to organize, weddings 2021 also have some trending highlights.  I’ve checked the Internet and made this list of my favourite wedding 2021 trends.

wedding trends 2021: Being eco-friendly

People are more aware than ever about the mark that they leave on the environment. Reducing the footprint is more and more popular, there are even apps that show your CO2 mark! Because of unfortunate changes in the work market, people also started to be more focused on saving money, slow shopping and buying quality instead of quantity. This is why one of my favourite wedding trends 2021 are digital invitations as well as dedicated websites with all information about the venue, dates, dress-codes, etc. It’s not only safe to deliver digital message, often it’s also much cheaper than printing all that and sending by tradional post.

Kat deptula photography backstage photo during wedding cceremony elopement in iceland by the waterfall

 wedding trends 2021: Intimacy

No matter how much you want, you can’t invite everyone to the wedding, because it’s not allowed.  Micro weddings, smaller guest lists will definitelly stay with us for a little more time! Not only it’s easier to plan micro wedding, but also it reduces the costs drastically. Same with destination weddings and elopements. People prefer to focus on each other and spend the big day with the closest family and friends rather than risk full cancellation due to new restrictions.

wedding trends 2021: Big photos

With micro weddings being one of the mai trends in 2021, getting the epic photoshoot comes to light. Make it big or go home! Couples save a lot of money on reuced guest list, getting maried on weekdays instead of Saturday (another trend!) and they can afford travelling to epic location to make their big statement wedding photos. I love this trend not because I am a photographer, but because I believe investing in memories instead of things is one of the best choices one can make!

Black and white photo of the couple waling and laughing along black sand beach

wedding trends 2021: My wedding, my way

Having personalized weddings has never been so big as now! When the party is smaller, we can focus on details. Also, with the restrictions and all, people start to be more creative, making their own hair, make up or trying themselves with DIY wedding decor. I think it’s amazing to start thinking outside the box and put your heart into this day, not only your money.

Kat Deptula professional head shot photo

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