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New Trend Alert - Unplugged Wedding - Kat Deptula
Wedding rings detail photo

New Trend Alert – Unplugged Wedding

What is it all about?

Nowadays, we’re all glued to our screens. It’s becoming harder and harder to be present and in the moment. We are in constant search for that perfect “snap”, “story” or “selfie”. Weddings are just perfect for that, am I right?

There is this beautiful couple being the center of attention, looking like a million bucks. So you need to snap a few shots with the bride, right? Guests are nicely dressed and looking just fab, so no better occasion to put on a duck face, no? Why not take out the camera, smartphone or tablet and snap a few shots – nobody will mind, right?


And that is why Unplugged Wedding trend is now sweeping the nation.

Nobody wants an intrusive uncles to take out his ancient blackberry shooting pictures and being so committed to it that shoving cameras in bride’s and groom’s faces doesn’t really bother him. Noone wants the guest being so self-centered that they nearly miss the ceremony. And noone wants their special day to be broadcast widely over the internet via some insta story while just a couple of guests are invited to a private, intimate ceremony.

And we, the photographers, hired by the happy couple to capture their special day – we don’t want it either. It’s making our work extra hard. As a photographer, I’m here to notice the small and the big moments. To make them last forever in the form of a picture that transfers the emotions to print.

bride's mother filming the ceremony with her phone

black and white photo of the bride hugging her dad


I must say that Iceland is just perfect for such unplugged elopement ceremony.

Small, intimate ceremonies in the middle of nowhere, on a cliff overlooking the ocean… or in a perfectly charming rustic church… or overlooking the mountains… or surrounded by flower-covered meadows… just imagine.

The hardest part of unplugged wedding? 

Making sure that your vision is respected by your loving family and friends. Sure, they want the best for you and will be happy to make your wedding day perfect. But sometimes, in the heat of the moment, people will just want to get that “memory” captured, just like they see it.


How to make it easier for your guests to be present?

1. Add a special note to your wedding invites that describes your wish for the ceremony to be unplugged and remind about no smartphone policy.

2. Add special signs in the wedding venue or at the entrance that will grab attention and remind your guests why you wish they stay offline. You can find tons of ideas on Pinterest, from funny to nostalgic.

3. Ask your maid of honor and best man to remind your guests about your wish to stay unplugged. On your wedding day it may be hard for you because you know… you’re getting married and are nervously pacing around the room 😉 but your best friends will got you covered.

4. Ask your wedding planner or your officiant to remind the guests about your plan before the ceremony starts. It will make it even more “official”, coming from them.

5. Remind your guests via email that you hired a professional prior to the ceremony. You can honestly share your feelings and say that you wish to live in the moment and want everyone to witness your happiness “right here, right now”. There will be a great photographer there with you, dedicated to taking most amazing and intimate snaps that will be shared with your guests.

Thinking of an unplugged wedding ceremony in Iceland? Looking for a professional wedding photographer in Iceland to capture it? I’ll be happy to turn your vision to real, beautiful wedding pictures.