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Surprise engagement photoshoot - 3 different styles - Kat Deptula
surprise engagement proposal photoshoot styles by lcal photographer in iceland

Surprise engagement photoshoot – 3 different styles

Surprise engagement photoshoot – how is it done?

The idea is simple. You go to a nice location,kneel down, ask the question and photographer captures all the emotions. The surprised look on your now-fiancé face. The details of the ring. This one moment in life when you put the ring on her/his finger. Yeah… easier said than done. How the hell do we do the surprise engagement photoshoot without spoiling the surprise? Well, there are 3 different ways I ususally suggest to my Clients.

Surprise engagement photoshoot in paparazzi style

One of the trickiest to do, but you get the biggest surprise factor in return. Basically, yougo to the agreed place and your local proposal photographer already waits for you there. Looking like a regular peron, just another tourist or just another photo geek taking photos of the nature. You stand in the previously agreed spot (this has to be discussed accurately with the photographer prior the big day!), do your thing and photographer shoots it fom the distance. I always use the biggest lense I have in cases like this. Photographer approaches you closer and closer, until there is no doubt there is going to be a mall photoshoot coming. 🙂

surprise engageent photoshoot in papparazzi style in reykjavik iceland by local photograpaher

Vacation photoshoot style

My favourite, to be honest. It still has the wow factor but it’s easier to organise and make it right, because photographer doesn’t have to stay in disguise. You don’t have to worry about poiling the surprise either. It’s just a regular, vacation photoshoot you wanted to have from your trip, right? Prior the surprise engagement photoshoot in vacation style you need to talk to your photographer and agree on the ‘do it’ sign. As far as it comes to my photoshoots, I always propose specific pose for each of you and when I do, you will be sure you stand in the right spot and this is THE MOMENT. I usually do it more or less in the middle of photoshoot. Bonus points for the photos taken before asking the question. You go home not only with a surprise engagement photos, but we also capture the whole story behind it.

secret engagement photoshoot in iceland

Fake travel guide style

You can pretend your photographer is your travel guide. So, you tell your love that you booked a nice trip, but in fact you are going to get a surprise engagement photoshoot. More genuine if you think pretending a regular vacation photos might spoil the surprise and much safer than paparazzi style. Not so many ‘before’ photos, though – I’m your travel guide, not a photographer, remember? 😉

Kat Deptula professional head shot photo

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