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Solo vacation photoshoot - why is it worth it? - Kat Deptula
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Solo vacation photoshoot – why is it worth it?

Why you should get a solo vaccation photoshoot?

Traveling alone is a great experience and lets you explore the new places different way. Some people even say it gives you an opportunity to feel it more fully, meet more locals and abviously feel more free with your traveling choices. There is one ‘but’, however. Who is going to take photos of you? And here is when solo vacation photoshoot comes in.

Solo vacation photoshoot is something more than a selfie stick

Sure, with the selfie stick you can make a lot of self portraits, but sometimes it’s not enough. Solo vacation photoshoot will take your travel to the next level. It’s not just about capturing you in the specific place, it’s about showing it in interesting way, with the best angles and maybe even a little bit of creative craziness. 🙂 Chances are, the photographer will make a photo of you in a moment or a place you will never think of, creating unique, authentic photos.

solo vacation photoshoot in iceland reykjavik

You don’t need to know how to pose

A lot of people are afraid they don’t know how to pose or that camera hates them. You can’t even imagine, how many times I have heard those hesitations from people I photographed. The biggest concerns have the shy people. They are afraid that they will have to shine on every photo, pretending someone they are not. Simply, making a show. On the contrary! I always take the best photos when people understand they don’t need to pretend anything and anyone. When the mask is finally off, whe magic starts.

You don’t have to pose at all

The truth is, if you don’t feel comfortable with posing, you don’t have to pose at all during your solo vacation photoshoot. Talk with the photographer and tell him or her about all your concerns. You can just be you and the photographer’s job will be to capture your candid moments. Go and enjoy yourself, do whatever you want. Sit down and have a beer if this is something you feel like doing at the moment. Why not? It’s your vacation!

solo-vacation-traveller-photoshoot reykjavik

You can focus on what is really important

When you don’t think about taking photos, you can focus on other things instead. On your solo vacation photoshoot you can pay bigger attention to the surrounding area, enjoy the coffee or just relax and take a walk. Nothing else matters, just you and the surroundings. No choosing the right filters, no worries about the camera settings.

You can see local places

If you hire a local photographer for your solo vacation photoshoot, chances are you will go to the places you normally wouldn’t think to go to. Or you would take a photo in a place you might not consider at first. Plus, you can get a little bit of local insights and recommendations for places to eat, drink or visit. Simply, you can get an experience tailored to your needs, totally different to the one everyone else will get from the same guide book they’re using.

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