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Solo travel photoshoot - how to always look good - Kat Deptula
solo travel photoshoot posing tips

Solo travel photoshoot – how to always look good

How to nail your candid solo travel photoshoshoot

The truth is, you don’t have to pose at all. As I mentioned in previous post about solo travel photoshoot, you can go only for fully candid photos if you like, In this case you don’t have to think about posing at all. 

On the other hand, I always encourage my Clients to pose a little bit even for ‘non-posed’ photos. ‘Posing’ is a small exaggeration. I mean small tricks that will help you get to the next level of posing. Such as not looking at the camera.

Leave the hair alone

Iceland might be super windy sometimes. It’s a great experience, but it also might make you a bit stressed that your hair is ruined and it will look bad on the photos. On the contrary! This might be a highight of your solo travel photoshoot. Just leave the hair, don’t worry about it and let the photographer do the job. It will be a great souvenir after coming back home and a reminder of your uniuqe experience.

solo travelphotoshoot iceland reykjavik windy day

Solo travel photoshoot tip: you don’t have to look into the camera

A lot of people feel obliged to look straight into the camera. Nothing wrong with that, don’t take me wrong! But if you look somewhere else, the photo instantly will get the candid, unposed feel. Photos will be more natural and avoiding the camera eye might let you to feel more comfortable too.

solo travel photoshoot in reykjavik pub

Catch the moments

Each time I am going to do a solo travel photoshoot (nd any other type of shoot, actually), I always have an idea what and where I’d like to shoot. I always ask you about the same – what are your expectations and needs. But there is always a space for inprovising. Why not to use great street art we find on our way to the initial location? Or stop for a while to spend some time with a friendly cat that just met us on his way to some very important cat business? All these moments make the photoshoot unique, just about you and your experience. You don’t have to worry about getting the exact same photos as many others before you.

solo travel photohoot reykjavik summer iceland

Forget about photographer

Noone likes to be watched all the time. It just releases the unease inside of us. And what is a solo trave photoshoot if not following you everywhere and taking photos of you if not wacthing you? That is why it’s really important to try to forget that you are on the photoshoot. Be natural, burst in laughter, just do what you normally do and be yourself! And remember, noone wants to show your worse profile or capture your worst face expression. Once yu feel comfortable with photographer being around you you can be sure you will be satisfied with the results of the shoot.

natural solo travel photoshoot reykjavik iceland

Kat Deptula professional head shot photo

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