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Solo holiday photoshoot - best poses - Kat Deptula
solo holiday photoshoot posing guide for beginners

Solo holiday photoshoot – best poses

Best poses for your solo holiday photoshoot

Traveling alone is a great experience, but there is one thing that becomes tricky. Getting good pictures of yourself. Solo holiday photoshoot seems to be a great solution. But what if you have no idea how to pose and you’d feel better with just a little bit of idea how to do that. Candid, unposed photos are not for everyone, somepeople just want to have more control over the final resluts.

I have made a list of few poses you can use during your solo holiday photoshoot. They are easy and always look good. Some of them might even make an impression that this was actually a candid, unposed photo! Noone will guess the truth and you don’t have to share all your secrects, right? 🙂

Look straight into the camera

Just good, old look, straight into the eye of the camera. It doesn’t have to look like a passport photo. in fact, I quite often find it a real bad-ass.

solo holiday photoshoot in Reykjavik with local photographer IcelandWalking poses

This one usually requires couple of goe (literally, haha) to make it right, but it’s always worth it! Adds a bit of movement and life ti the whole photoshoot. remember to keep your back straight!

city photoshoot in reykjavik by local photogrpaher iceland city photo walk

Sitting in a relaxed way

Sitting poses are one of the most underrated ones when it comes to solo holiday photoshoot. People tend to forget about the fact, that they can actually sit down and don’t have to stand in front of an object on every photo. Sit down, relax and enjoy interesting results!

sitting poses for solo travelers in iceland beginners guide by local photographer

Looking up

Looking straight into the camera is great, but you don’t have to do it all the time. In fact, if you look up, the photo will show you enjoying the view. This drags the attention to the surroundings you are admiring and focuses on the epic place you traveled to.

poses guide for solo travellers holiday photoshoot by local photographer iceland

Looking away

When you look away, the photo will look more candid. You will also look more relaxed and cool. Put next to the photos where you look straight into the camera as well as the one where you look up you’ll get a nice collection of interesting photos telling a story.

solo holiday photoshoot reykjavik

Leaning against the wall

Street art is always great backgrout for your solo holiday photoshoot. It adds this local vibe, impossible to get anywhere else. But why not to think outside the box and instead of stanting in fron of it, try to interact with a billte it? It will istantly make you a part of the surrounding, not just an element from theother dimention. 🙂

solo travel photoshoot reykjavik city photographer

Turn around

This is one of the online trends I personally really like. Turning your back to the camera makes photo look more genuine, almost an non-intentional like. It definitelly shows that travel atmosphere! And this is something you want to get with your solo holiday photoshoot, right?

beginner posing guide for solo travelers by local photographer reykjavik


Sounds crazy, I know. But capturing movement on the picture always makes it more interesting and less obvious. It might feel a little bit weird at the beginning, but believe me, results are totally worth it! Besides, when was the last time you spinned around freely, like a child? 🙂

beginner guide on posing for solo travelers by photographer iceland

Kat Deptula professional head shot photo

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