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Secret proposal photoshoot - organizing tips - Kat Deptula
how to organize perfect secret proposal photoshoot

Secret proposal photoshoot – organizing tips

Details to remember while planning a secret proposal photoshoot

Proposing is a big step towards new, fuller life with the person we love on our side. It’s obvious, you want to make it right and unforgetable. And it’s totally normal to be a bit stressed and maybe a little scared too. Especially, if you want to organise a secret proposal photoshoot, which adds another aspect to take care of. But don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. In fact, there are only few things (except forgetting the ring, haha!) that might go wrong.

You are lucky to have me! 🙂 I made a list of things to think about when organising a secret proposal photoshoot. Now you’re good to go! Let’s do it!

Choose your surprise secret proposal photoshoot style

This is one of the most important things to before even going for a trip, if you chose to propose on the vacation. You want the photos, so photographer has to be there, close enough not only to see you, but also to capture details. On the other hand, though, you don’t want to spoil the surprise. You can choose from paparazzi style, regular travel shoot or fake travel guide style. You can read more about them in my previous post. 

secret proposal hotoshoot reykjavik iceland in the winter

Choose the clothes

The choice will largely depend on the style of your secret proposal photoshoot. It you go for a papparazzi style, it wil be hard to convince your better half to dress nicer than always without spoiling the surprise. Talk with your proposal photographer and ask what clothes or what colors would be the best in the location you decided for. And then you can delicately suggest fiancé-to-be to pack it for the trip, or wear it n this special day. My advice is to start suggesting outfits even few months before the planned proposal. Then it wouldn’t be anything out of ordinary if you suggest an outfit on the actual day.

engagementhotoshoot in reykjavik detail hoto of the ring

Choose the location

And I mean be SPECIFIC. If you and your proposal photographer agreed on the place and you decided for a photoshoot style that is different than a regular vacation photoshoot style, then you need to know EXACTLY where to stand. Actually I had a situation when I almost missed it, because the couple stood on the wrong side of the building we agreed for. Fortunatelly I knew how the people look like, so I knew who should I look for. This was at the beginning of my photographic career and since then I always make sure we are on the same page. Remember, both of us will have only one chance to do it right!

secret proposal hotoshoot ring detail hoto in iceland with waterfall

Be on time for your secret proposal photoshoot and stay in touch with the photographer

Yes, I know noone is a robot and it’s impossible to be at specific place on exact specific time. So come a little bit earlier. I mean A LITTLE BIT! You can’t be too early not to get bored of the location. What if your love says it’s enough and she/he wants to go somewhere else now? And what if you are late and the photographer thinks you’re not coming at all? Or you pop out the question too soon and the photographer will have no time to capture it? This is the most stressful part for both proposal photographer and you. The best way out of this situation is to stay in contact with your photographer and make sure he/she is already there, waiting for you, all ready to start. When you get a green light, then all you need to do is to kneel down and ask that question! 🙂

Kat Deptula professional head shot photo

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