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Secret proposal - how to keep it secret? - Kat Deptula
keeping a secret proposal secret tips by local engagement photographer reykjavik iceland

Secret proposal – how to keep it secret?

How not to spoil secret proposal

It would be a shame to spoil the surprise you have been preparing for months, right? For people like me, the ones who are terrible at lying keeping a huge thing like this a secret might be a real challenge. Especially if you already live together and share the bank account. Let’s go through a few things that can make your secret proposal a huge success. And even bigger secret. 

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Buy the ring with the money she knows nothing about

It can be an extra promotion money at work. Or a tax return money. Or a credit card she has no idea about. Anything that comesfrom the sourse she has no possibility to check. I know, it might feel like lying. But it’s not, it’s just keeping the information for yourself fora bit longer than usually. In fact, you are going to tell her about your plans when you ask the question, right?

secret proposal detail engagement ring photoDon’t tell anyone about your secret proposal plans

You know how it works. Once you tell someone not to tell anyone, everyone will know about it. Trust noone, if you want to talk about it, talk with your dog. Better safe than sorry and buying a ring that is too big is nothing compared to spoiling the surprise. So take a risk and choose the ring without her best friend by your side.

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Don’t try to be more mysterious than you normally are

I assume you know each other a bit longer than a month. So she knows you quite well. Believe me, she will know something’s going on when you start acting weird. And, please, don’t even concern saying things such as ‘I know something and you don’t!’ Just try to be as cool as possible and think about how great it will feel whan you manage to keep your secret proposal secret to the last second!

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Hide the ring in the place she will never look at

Don’t put it in your closet, don’t put it in your car or anything like that. Hide it in a place she will never think to check, because it’s neither not interesting nor useful to her. Toolbox will be great. Or a winter coat in the summertime. You’ll figure it out, I’m sure!

Keep calm and do the secret proposal

When the time comes don’t rush around the house and don’t stress. She will know something’s going on and even if you won’t spoil the actual surprise, you can scary her She might think that instead of secret proposal, something wrong is going to happen.

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