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Seasons in Iceland - Kat Deptula
changing seasons

Seasons in Iceland

the truth.

Sometimes, just to make it easier, I say there are only two seasons in Iceland – summer and winter. It’s not entirely true, but it does make everything easier and much simpler. Today, however, I would like to tell you exactly how the seasons in Iceland might look like.

So what are the seasons in Iceland?

Iceland has four seasons, however spring and autumn are really short. This is why I really often blend them with summer and winter, because it’s very easy to miss them! or, if you visit Iceland on the year, when eg. fall is exeptionally cold, it is much afer to follow winter dress code rather than summer one. You get the point, don’t you?


Spring in Iceland begins in April and ends in May. Days are longer and longer, but mountain peaks are still covered in snow. Temperature range is 0-10°C and you can expect both snow or rain as well as nice, bright sunny day. What I really love about Icelandic spring is this super fresh, green air. I know air has no color, but I hope you know what I mean – this feeling when you inhale and you an feel in your lungs that winter is over.

two lesibnian women posing together with the sea


Don’t go to sleep if you don’t like wasitng time! Days are long, temperature usually doesn’t go over 20°C. June – August are the most popular time in Iceland and you will probably meet many other tourists. It won’t be super cold, but rain is never a surprise, so you have to be prepare for it.

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Another super short season in Iceland takes place in September and October, but gives us amazing colors! Average temperature is 0-10°C and you have to prepare yourself for any sorts of weather. On the other hand the country is much less crowded whan in the summer and days are still long enough to have decent amount of sightseeing.

Honeymoon couple cuddling in Iceland


November – mid March are the months of short days, nothern lights, ice caves and winter activities. Temperatures range from -5 to +5°C, but you should remember the wind – it will make any tempereature much colder! Waterproof and warm clothes are essential!

Bride and groom walking in Iceland during the winter

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