Local wedding photographer in Ieland Kat Deptula is making photo of the couple in front of the waterfall

Q&A: Answers to the most commonly asked questions #3

read before you ask

What do you do when you want to know something? You ask a question! This Q&A series was created to make your life easier and keep you as far from fighting with filled-up in-boxes. If you’re looking for a local photographer in Iceland, probably you have a lot of doubts. We believe going through questions and answers below will make booking your Icelandic photoshoot much easier!

We have already answered some questions in PART ONE and PART TWO of this series.

when we will agree on all the details?

We will talk about overall idea of the photoshoot, as well as time and place straight after getting in touch with each other, but all the tiny details are going to be agreed on 1 week prior the shoot. This gives you time to think everything over and be sure decision you’r taking (eg. regarding the clothes) is the one you really want. For me it’s perfect time to focus mainly on our shoot and not to be distracted by other bookings too much.

is it possible to buy more photos?

Yes, it’s always possible to buy additional photos, and of course it’s NEVER obligatory. I will send you my pricelist for addtional services straight away when our converstations starts to go into money topics. The more additional photos you buy, the better price you get. 🙂 So don’t worry if you had an amazing time during the photoshoot and you’re afraid the ammount you initially ordered won’t be enough. There is always more goodies waiting for you. 🙂

Can I have photos only in colour?

Sure, no problem! It whis is your wish, please inform me BEFORE the photoshoot. Otherwise the choice of black and white or colour versionof the image is up to me and there is no possibility to change that.

Can take a friend / member of family to the shoot?

You can take anyone youu’d like to take. As long as the person / people are not interferring with the photoshoot and don’t make our work more challenging, I don’t see the reason why you couldn’t take anyone with you! Please remember though, in case of making my work a bigger struggle than it should be, I do have right to ask this person to leave the site.

what should I expect during the photoshoot?

Number one is unpredicteable weather conditions. We can’t do anything about this and we will do our best to get amazing results with what we get from Mother Nature. 🙂 Secondly, you can expect I will have plenty of photo inspirations on the phone, so we are never out of poses ideas! Beside that you should expect my unfunny jokes and relaxed atmosphere.

how do I check the distance between Reykjavik and photo location?

I won’t be original, if I say I use Google Maps to estimate the distances. They are extremely accurate and easily accessible.

What are the websites I should check prior the shoot?

The most important websited ase vedur.is and road.is . The first one shows weather conditions and the second one helps you monitor the state of the roads. We have written the whole blog post about useful websites while traveling in Iceland, so if you’d like to have a bit more detailed knowledhe about it, click HERE.

can I go with your car?

Technically I don’t do that, because my driving licence is just regular driving licence most of peple have. I don’t ave additional training in transporting people, nor do I have additional insurance for that. There is a possiblity to take two people with me, though. In this case you would have to sign the statement that you wlill not claim any compensations from me in case of accidents occured during the journey.

is it possible to personalise my order?

We do our best to make our offer as varied as possible so that you don’t have to worry about any alternations. However, if you do have needs that are not catered for in any of them, please feel free to contact us. There is no such thing as offer impossible to alter, at least to some extend.

How many US dollars is 1000 ISK?

Answer to this question might be different not only each yer but each month, or sometimes even each day! Each time I have to convert currency I use this website. It’s in Polish, but it’s very easy to use and read. If you prefer to use converters in English, you can check this one.




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