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Q&A: Answers to the most commonly asked questions #2 - Kat Deptula
Local wedding photographer in Ieland Kat Deptula is making photo of the couple in front of the waterfall

Q&A: Answers to the most commonly asked questions #2

read before you ask

Q&A, or questions and answers, are the easiest and fastest way of dispelling your doubts about the photoshoot in Iceland. Take a few moments to scan this post and find your question. Haven’t found what you was looking for? Check out part one of our Icelandic Q&A.

Do you work with priests, florists, make up artists, etc?

We are in contact with some of them, however, we have never signed any cooperation contracts. At the moment we are able to help only to some extend. Drop us a message describing your needs and we’ll see what we can do for you!

What are the cases when I get 100% reimbusement?

The only case when we reimbuse 100% of paid money is when the session is cancelled because of our fault. That can mean broken equipment, broken car, etc. But don’t worry, this has never happened so far! And we have a few fellow photographers always happy to help do the photoshoot for us, if we can’t go for some reason! Please remember, that bad weather conditions, causing road issues, safety problems or even road closing are not considered as our fault and money is not refunded.

how far do you drive

We can drive to almost any place, however, this means additional costs. You can find our fuel rates in Q&A part 1. Please also remember, that we can decline driving to places that might cause car damage. Not sure about your location? Drop us a message!

If I cancel, do I get my money back?

We trust our Clients and you pay majority of the ammount AFTER you get the ready product. If you cancel, however, paid ammount is not refunded, unless weather conditions make it dangerous or impossible to get to the location.

Is it possible to book alternative date in case of bad weather?

Weather in Iceland is so unpredictable, that we can’t afford booking several dates for one photoshoot. If you are afraid weather can make it impossible to drive far, you can check places closer to Reykjavik. Still would feel better with alternative date? Contact us to get additional charges info!

Is it possible for you to organise our trip?

We really wish we could help with any aspect of your trip to Iceland, but for now we need to stick closely to photo / video services. There is less people involved in his company than you think and it makes it technically impossible to offer high quality service outside photo – video. We hope it will change in the future, though! For now we do our best to help you make the hard decisions by writing our blog. Check it out – maybe it will inspire you or make your choice a bit less painful?

do you offer video?

We are more than happy to say YES, WE DO!! Piotr is amazing videographer and he can’t wait to bring your idea into life! You can check some of his work HERE.

What happens when photographer is unable to shoot due to illnes or other unplanned personal problems?

We have a few fellow photographers who are always ready to take over the assigment. If they are unavailble as well, then you will get 100% refund and 50%off the next photoshoot.

What equipment do you use?

Kasia (photographer) uses Olympus OMD EM1 MII. Piotr (videographer) uses Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 alogng with gimbal DJI Ronin-S. Both of us work on Olympus lenses from PRO line only.




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