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Q&A: Answers to the most commonly asked questions #1 - Kat Deptula
newlyweds walking on the black sand beach

Q&A: Answers to the most commonly asked questions #1

read before you ask

Q&A, or questions and answers, are the easiest and most convenient way of getting yourself up-to-date with all technical aspects of the photoshoot. It takes just a few moments to have it all clear in your head, unlike waiting for an e-mail response. Take a minute or two to find the right question and read the answer. We guarantee you will find what you need in 90% of cases.

what is the best place to shoot?

This is very difficult question, as Iceland offers great choice and vast opportunities. This is your photo shoot and I would love you to cheerish the results for years. This is why I’d prefer the choice to be fully yours, but to make the choice a bit easier, I have preapred a series of blog posts describing some of the amazing places. Check them out! But be careful. Ammount of suer-duper places is so big it can make you dizzy!

what is the best time to shoot?

Except darkest nights there is no right and wrong when it comes to the light during the day. Yes, different time of day gives slightly different results, but experienced photographer can easily work during any light / weather conditions. As long as it’s not dark, we can shoot and we will get amazing results!

how long is the day?

It highy depends on the season, lenght of the day can change even by 10 minutes a day! The best way to check how many hours the Icelandic nature offers today is to check sunrise and sunset time. You can do it here: https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/iceland/reykjavik

how much is the shoot?

You will get my general pricing packages via e-mail. The cheapest package costs 15.000 ISK and contains 15 photographs. There is always opportunity to buy additional photos, extend working time or ask for custom pricing. Everyone is different, has different needs and expectations, I wouldn’t feel fair if I charged the same for 1 hour candid, unposed photos and 1 hour of posed, well-planned wedding photo shoot. Ammount of post -process work is different as well as effort put by both Clients and Photographer. Just tell me as much as I can about your expectations, and I will help you find right package for you or I’ll make something tailored to your needs.

how many photographs do I get?

It is all personal choice, but the minimum ammout is 5 photographs. You can always extend and change the package, making it perfect fit for your needs. Just let me know what are your expectations and we will find a way to get you what you need!

how long is the photoshoot

The shooting time varies from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Sometimes it takes all day, if we have to travel far, or walk from one location to the other. In general I try not to go beyond 2 hours of shooting itself, as the Models get tired and it’s easily visible on photos. But I still stay flexible.

how much do I pay for fuel

I drive Jeep Cherokee KJ 2.8 CRD and I charge 225 ISK for 1 liter of Diesel. The car needs 10 liters per 100 km.

do I pay before or after the shoot

I always take money only after delivering the ready product. When you shop online it’s always payment that goes first. I decided to do it different way and trust my Clients, just the same way you have to trust the seller that he will send the products you paid for. I deliver the photos, you take your time to choose the additionals if you’d like to and then you pay for everything.

how long does it take to get the ready product

It all depends on the ammount of photographs and photoshoot (fashion shots demand way more post-process work than, lets say, documentray shot). But the minimum waiting time is 14 working days. I do my best to deliver it as fast as I can. Sometimes you need a couple of shots to print for your wedding day, or as a gift for someone – let me now, I’ll send you those earlier.

do you do prints?

Unfortunately we are not there yet. For now we deliver only digital files. But, you get personalised phone app!

Haven’t found what you need?

Check out other parts of our Q&A and / or shoot the question in e-mail!