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Pandemic in Iceland - practical information on travelling - Kat Deptula
pandemic in iceland practical information for travellers

Pandemic in Iceland – practical information on travelling

Measures during the pandemic in Iceland

I have to be honest with you guys. I really avoided the topic of Covid-19, almost from the very start. I didn’t write about this, I’ve done zero YouTube videos about it. Not because I didn’t want to talk about the pandemic in Iceland, I was simply hoping it will end sooner than it started. That everything will be back to normal before you say ‘Kat, would you like to be my wedding photographer?’ 🙂

I’m naive, I know. Or optimistic, however you’d like to call it. Nevertheless, virus is still here and my silence resulted only in long break in my social media. Which is finished now, by the way. 🙂 I bet there is more people like me, already tired of the pandemic and looking for an opportunity to travel somewhere safe.

Well, I have good news for you. Iceland is a perfect choice!

Pandemic in Iceland: current statistics

Thanks to the Government effective work and residents staying at home as well as wearing masks in public places, the pandemic in Iceland is not as bad as in some other countries. And although it was never super bad, it was also never, ever, scorned. Neither by people nor authorities. Antibacterial liquids are lierally everywhere, some places give out free masks. And I’m not talking about places like hospitals, which is obvious (or is it?),but normal shops, like Nexus for instance. 

Restaurants work, and regular disinfection of  the tables and seats is a must. They divided the whole space into sectors to maintain the safe distance. The same in the gym. Yes, you heard me, gyms are open! For instance my favourite gym, World Class, is also divided into sectors and everyone is taking care of wiping the equipment and sticting to the rules. Public pools are open again too. Same with hairdressers, tatoo, piercing and beauty salons. You can see current numbers* on the graphics below:

covid19 in iceland current information

screening and infection in iceland information safe travel to iceland 2021*data for Thursday, 18.0.2021

Pandemic in Iceland: vaccination

Vaccinations has already started. If everything goes with the plan, everyone will get the vaccine by the end of June. It is free of charge and not mandatory. You can find the information about the vaccine in Iceland on the website of Icelandic Medicines Agency. There is more information about the vaccine used in the country, Covid Q&A, vaccine side effects etc.

covid 19 in iceland vaccination information for tourists and residents

Pandemic in Iceland: practical information

All the information I am going to share here is for today, i.e. 20.02.2021. If you are reading this post later, I highly recommend to visit official website for pandemic in Iceland: Covid.is. You will always find the newest information and all the restrictions and regulations there.

Masks and other general regulations

Basically, this applies in all public places, such as shops, gyms, theathers, etc. This does not apply for children born in 2005 or later. The limit of people is 20. However, swimming pools are limited to 50% of their normal capacity. Bars and other places are opened until 22:00.

Travelling to and from Iceland

Screening and quarantine

From 19.02.2021 everyone arriving to Iceland has to show the negative PCR test result. You have to do this wtihin 72 hours of your departure to Iceland. This doesn’t mean, however, you don’t have to quarantine. It’s reduces from 14 days to 5 days now, followed by a second screening test. The only people who don’t have to do all of this are people who have a proof of prior infceftion or those who vaccinated themselves.

Remember to check if our vaccination certificate contains all the necessary information!

You may not quarantine in the camper or tent and you have to give a full address of the place of your isolation. During the quarantine you can’t go to the shops or go for any excursion. The only case when you can travel longer distance is when you are travelling from the airport to the place of your isolation.

You can, however, to go out of the place of your isolation and take a walk in the places where there is little or no people at all.

To see all the quarantine restrictions and guidelines visit the Icelandic Directorate of Health.

pandemic in iceland practical information is it safe to travel to iceland

Borders opened for numbers of countries

Due to the pandemic in Iceland and the whole world, Icelandic borders are open  to the residents and citizens of the EEA and Switzerland, and Iceland follows the travel restrictions of the outer borders of the Schengen area. You can find the actual information about borders on the official website of Icelandic police.


Before you come to Iceland you should pre-register your arrival on covid.is. You need to share contact information, confirmation of negative PCR-test, address during their quarantine in Iceland and a declaration of health. It’s impossible to do it before than 72 hours before your arrival to Iceland.

I tried to gather and condense as much information as possible for you. But I can’t underline more the fact that this is not a complete list of all the restrictions and newest regulations. There is the official website for that. It’s called covid.is and you should ALWAYS  check it before coming to Iceland. It is constantly updated and if you keep track on it, pandemic in Iceland won’t be misterious for you. I hope, however, that I helped you a little bit wit this post with pointing out the most important points as well as showing you few offcial places where you can find more information.

Stay safe and see you in Iceland!

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