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How to prepare for photoshoot in Iceland? - Kat Deptula
Local wedding photographer in Ieland Kat Deptula is making photo of the couple in front of the waterfall

How to prepare for photoshoot in Iceland?

A handy guide by local photographer

As local photographer in Iceland, I have a chance to see and experience every nook and cranny of the island, as well as its unpredictable nature. Just the other day, we had winds so strong that waterfalls flew upwards, going against the laws of gravity.

Some of the most repeated questions I get from Clients are about proper preparation for a photoshoot. What are the essentials that you have to take with you to the location to make your photoshoot experience enjoyable?

What to take with you to wedding photoshoot in iceland?

— FOOD —

The island may be small, in comparison to other countries, but you can drive for miles and not meet another human being. Not to mention a grocery store to buy food when you get hungry. Posing for hours in a variety of weather conditions, when you have to hike to the most beautiful locations, that makes people hungry.

Everything from sandwiches to power bars, nuts and chocolate – small and portable – is great.

Don’t forget about water. Hydration is a must. Tap water in Iceland is perfectly fine to drink, so you don’t have to buy plastic bottles as long as you have your own reusable water bottle. But, then again, you should expect to be out in nature for hours, so it’s better to have it with you.

Hot beverage tea or coffee, your choice. As long as it is hot. To get the best pictures you may have to pose in a low temperature. I had couples who had their wedding photoshoot next to the waterfalls in a very cold and windy weather. Pictures turned out to be amazing, Clients were very patient models. Hot tea helped a lot.

— clothes —

Hiking shoes. This is a must, for sure. To get to great locations hike or at least a longer walk is inevitable. To be safe, fast and comfortable you have to wear good shoes. From my experience, trekking shoes look interesting while bride is in her wedding gown. If you don’t  like that idea – it is always better to change on location. No stiletto on the way.

Bride changing hershoes to boots detail photo

bride wearing boots


Jacket, sweater, jumper, blanket and preferably two of them, one waterproof item. First to shelter you from the wind and cold. The second to make sure you stay dry when it suddenly starts to rain. Which is not uncommon. Of course, Iceland has sunny and wind-free days, but just to be safe it is better to take it with you even if you expect your day to be nice and warm.

Posing for a picture is rather static activity, so models – you – can get cold. If for part of the session we’re focusing on the groom or bride alone, then the other person waits and it can be chilly.

Just married in front of the waterfall with blanket

groom carryng bride on his back on black sand beach with white banket


Sweatpants. I know what you think. “I’m in nice clothes. Why would I bother with netflix-and-chill essential?” Well.. for one, to escape the cold. And if that is not enough, think about walking or hiking. Wedding dress or nice slacks will get dirty while walking to a location. Having things to change into while walking, or something underneath ho hike up your dress is nice and makes the walk safer and more comfortable if you have to jump over big rocks.

black and white photo of a couple hiking to the location of the photoshoot

Speaking of getting dirty, alternative outfit is nice to have. Especially if we’re about to shoot close to any Icelandic waterfall. The pictures will be great, but getting wet is the price to pay for it.

When we’re covering subject of looks, let’s talk about hair and makeup. Don’t bother with looking perfect. Any hairdo will get ruined within minutes if the wind is involved. Or snow. Or water. Not uncommon in Iceland. It’s better to have a hair brush and a small mirror with you and make some on-location touch ups.

Heavy makeup with rough Icelandic landscapes looks a little off. The less makeup the better, also because of unpredictable weather can ruin it. More natural, minimalistic is better.

Are you scared reading this? Don’t be! Just imagine the wind stroking your hair while looking into your lover’s eyes… like there is no one else in the world but the two of you. Here’s the perfect picture you’re after for Iceland wedding photoshoot. Pure romance.


Tissues – It’s cold. It’s windy. You might be drinking hot tea or coffee. You get a runny nose, a lot. Also handy when you have to wipe your hands or shoes.

Hand cream and gloves – your hands can get dry and red from the wind. Not the best picture, especially if you want to have close ups on you and your partner holding hands, presenting wedding rings. Better to keep your hands moisturized and warm.

Inspirations on your phone – chances are you’re planning this photoshoot for long and saved thousands of Pinterest inspirations. It’s not a must have, per se. But it will make our cooperation easier if you already have some inspirations and visions that you want me to follow. Favorite pose? Favorite place? We always talk about expectations beforehand, but if you have anything you love, last-minute – tell me about it.

Prepare yourself to be uncomfortable – yes, it will be uncomfortable, cold and wet 80% of the time. It’s Iceland, not Ibiza 🙂 Be prepared and expect the unexpected. You may be surprised how fantastic shots we’ll get if you keep an open mind.

Positive attitude – no matter if it rains, or sun is so strong it’s blinding you (it happens here too, believe me) – be positive! Almost any session, location and weather conditions can be used to our advantage with a little creativity. Propose things yourself, show your natural self – we’ll cooperate better this way!

Trust – It is in our best interest to trust each other. I trust your intuition and if you feel uncomfortable or “not yourself” just tell me about it! Trust me I will show the best side of you, in a  way that you will feel positive and happy with both the process and the results.



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