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how to choose the right wedding photographer? - Kat Deptula
photographer behind the scenes making a photo on the wedding

how to choose the right wedding photographer?

Afraid you’ll miss it when you meet the right person to capture your big day?

Having a right photographer on your wedding day is one of the most important choices you have to make for this day. It’s not the cheapest service, so it’s crucial to know how to make your choice easier. Of course I could say ‘Hire me and your problem is solved’. But I won’t. Why? Because not everyone is suitable for everyone and you need to make your own decision – at the end of the day it’s you who will look at those pictures for the rest of your life!

graphincs about choosing the best photographer



First thing you should take into consideration while choosing your wedding photographer is simply aswering the question: ‘Do I like how the photos look?’ Sounds simple, but a lot of people focus more on what they can read on the photographer’s website – what equipment do they have, how many years are they in business, etc. If you want to know why I think this is not important, you can read this blog post.

When you decide you like what you see, then you have to be aware that this will be the style of the delivered photos if you decide on workig with this photographer. So don’t expect someone to change from moody and dark style to fresh and airy only for your wedding, because this is not going to happen.

Bonus tip: When choosing a preferred style, take a location into consideration too. For example, it’s practically impossible to get pastel, romantic, maybe a lightly soapy wedding photos on the Black Sand Beach in Iceland. The same rule applies to moody and mysterious pictures taken in Santorini.



It’s always a good idea to contact the photographer who’s style you like and exchange at least a few words with them. There is no point in assuming this will be your chosen wedding photographer , when it might turn out there is no free spots left on the day of your wedding. It’s also a good idea to send your inspirational photos and website of the venue. This will make the decision aboout working together on your big day much easier and faster.

Kat deptula photography backstage photo during wedding cceremony elopement in iceland by the waterfall



Of course you don’t want to rob the bank to afford your dream photographer. But don’t look only at the numbers. Yes, maybe someone has the cheapest offer, but there is no postproduction of the photo after the event? Perhaps the hourly coverage is not enough for you, or on the contrary – it’s too long and there is no point in paying for something you’re not going to use.

To do this right it’s necessary to follow point no.2 and contact all the photographers considered for your wedding. Everyone is different and offers should either be composed specially for you or there should be an option to customize the ready offer. If someone tells you their offer is perfect for everyone – run away! This person doesn’t love the job and you are nothing else than a money cow to them.

Usually the changes required for your wedding are not big, but they do make a huge difference. Compare all the offers of already personalised content. That way you will get true comparison of the real product that meets your needs.



It’s important to like not only the photography style of the person you want to hire, but also the person in general. You will let them very close to your life and your family. They will always be a small part of your memories. It’s better if you feel comfortable with each other instead of remembering that ‘something was weird about this guy for the rest of your life.

The best way to check if you can ind a common language is to call the photographer.