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Comfortable elopement - a few items that will help - Kat Deptula
comfortable elopement in iceland by wedding photogrpaher

Comfortable elopement – a few items that will help

Small things making comfortable elopement

Adventurous elopement is a dream way of saying ‘yes’ for many people. Adventurous doesn’t mean uncomfortable! There are some little things that will help you have comfortable elopement any place you decide to go! Please note: the list is not finished. It will be slightly different depending on location and season, style of your big day and other choices you will make on the way. I am writing this list as an elopement wedding photographer in Iceland.


My lists are usually in random order, but in this case shoes definitelly deserve a number one! Doesn’t really matter if you are going for a long hike or just a casual stroll during the photoshoot. Comfy footwear is like coffee with piece of chocolate with it. Makes it so much better! Classy, but functional flats, stable heels or trekking boots – choice depends on the location and difficulty of the trail. Psst..! Noone said you have to be limited to only one pair!

comfortable elopement regardless the weather in iceland

Extra socks

This point is short and simple – take an extra pair of socks just in case you wet your shoes. It will be so much more comfortable to go back in dry, fluffy socks instead of wet feet.

Blanket, hat and hot drink

Basically, everything that will help you warm up during the photoshoot brakes. Feeling comfortable is essential for getting these amazing, candid pictures full of laughter and joy. If you are freezing, all you can think of is ending the shoot and going back to the hotel. And this will be visible on photos. By having things that help you achieve comfortable elopement you add extra content to your photos too. Noone said these things have to look ugly!

wedding ring elopement iceland winter

Vow books, ring boxes

You never know what the weather in Iceland will be. It might start raining and ruin your printed vow. It can be so cold, that you drop wedding ring in the snow and loose it. Ring boxes and vow books not only look bad-ass on photos, but make your elopement more comfortable. Also mentally – you don’t have to stress that much about destroying / loosing something very important.


Kat Deptula professional head shot photo

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