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Best Couple Poses for your Elopement Photoshoot - Kat Deptula
Engaged couple standing in front of Icelandic waterfall

Best Couple Poses for your Elopement Photoshoot

Anyone can look cute in pictures, trust me!

When it comes to taking pictures, not only the wedding-related ones, people usually divide into two groups.

Group one: I love pictures, posing and anything that comes with it.
Group two: I hate taking pictures and I’m not photogenic at all.

No matter which fraction you belong to, anyone can get a little shy in front of the camera. That’s totally understandable.

I have my own tricks to make you feel comfortable while shooting. They involve a lot of laughter at bad jokes. But also, since I’ve worked with many great couples who are not professional models, just regular people – like me and you – I decided to create this guide.

The best couple poses for your elopement photoshoot.

It shows you some great couple poses – with examples – to get you started. Giving you an idea of what can be expected, what traditional or less traditional options can we choose from. And, last but not least, creating an opportunity for you and your partner to try out some of the poses in the comfort of your own home. Of course, during our wedding photoshoot in Iceland I’m there for you and will guide you in person.

Hand on Chest

This is a very nice and traditional pose. Great to show off your happy, cheerful smiles. Even better to expose the engagement ring or wedding bands.

indian couple in traditional sari dress in ie cavein iceland


Kissing while standing

Another traditional one. You and your partner are the center of attention. Nice to show off your beautiful outfit or hair style.

Lesbian couple photoshoot kissing in Reykjavik


Heads and bodies close together

Intimacy. It’s the key focus. In this very moment no one else exists but the two of you. Close, full of love and hope. Very romantic.

Couple photoshoot in winter with frozen waterfall


Kissing surrounded by nature

You are a fun couple, who likes to spend time together. You feel comfortable in each other’s company. And it shows. Interestingly, it’s one of traditional poses.

Jewish couple in the flower field kissing


Couple standing/kissing in front of natural landmark/landscape

Elopement in Iceland just calls for this one. So many perfect locations. It’s just the two of you together in the world full of possibilities.

moody photo of wedding couple


Him holding her from behind

He is her rock. He supports her and stands by her, no matter what. She feels safe knowing he is there for her.  You lean into each other for support and help. Nothing can beat your team while you are together, looking boldly into the unknown.

Sheena has flowy dress that flies on the wind


HER holding him from behind

She supports him no matter what. You lean into each other for help and support. You are best friends and share tender moments in every possible way. Different variations of this couple pose are great to show off the engagement ring or wedding bands.

asian couple in blue lagoon on their anniversary

Couple walking away

Together forever, into the unknown. You will be there for each other, you will support each other. And no matter what the future brings, you walk the same path. Together. Very intimate and symbolic pose.

bride and groom in white dress and ligt suit on the black sand beach walking along the water



Couple craziness

This is very individual. Aside from posing, I strongly encourage you just to walk around, do your stuff. Perhaps one person can piggyback on another? Or maybe you want to throw some snow around? Or getting wet by the waterfall gives you the giggles. No matter what this is, it’s these little crazy intimate couple moments that create your unique bond. And I’ll be there to catch it.

black and white photo of people in love eatig the same french fry


Groom standing on thetractor and wife looking ad him and laughing

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