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After proposal - things that might change - Kat Deptula
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After proposal – things that might change

After proposal survival guide

Getting engaged is a huge step in life and a huge step in your relationship. Some people say it changes everything, some  – on the contrary. Let’s takea look at some aspects that actually might change after proposal. Ready? Not really? Don’t worry, most of the changes are the good ones!

Attitude of the other people

No matter how modern our society wants to be, there are still some apsects they are a bit old-fashioned about. Once you announce your engagement, people will start treating your relationship more seriously. Even if you were together for years before the proposal. Knowing that you hink about this partnership like about smething more permanent, people around you will be more willing to accept your commitment towards each other. They will also be more undestandable when it comes to spending more time with your better half and his/her family instead of spending it with friends.

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After proposal ‘wisdom’

Ok, there is another side of this coin too. Straight after proposal you might find it annoying that suddenly people feel that they have something to say about it. Actually, about everything: your engagement, your ring, wedding, life together etc. This might be super stressful and really irritating. But don’t take it to heart. At the end of the day what’s most important is what you and your parter think not the others.

Relationship feels stronger

You might have not feel it before, but now, after proposal relationship will feel stronger. Sometimes saying it loud and making it official is all what it takes to feel how strong your feelings are. In everyday life there is often no time to slow down and think how much we care about our partner. Now both of you know that you care about each other in the strongest way possible. And you get the reassurance that the other person feels the same about you as you feel about her/ him.

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Arguments feel worse

It’s easy to put too much weight on the relationship after proposal. Sometimes you might feel like now you have to agree with every aspect, each decision you’re going to make together. Any friction can cause unnecessary stress. Remember, even the best, longest marriages have ups and downs and small conflicts are not only unevitable, but also necessary sometimes.

After proposal joy

Engagement is a trully joyful time! You want to spend more time together, do more fun things together. You try to be a better person foryour partner and he/she tries to do the same for you. Feelings go first now, and perhaps you didn’t have time to do it before. After proposal lots of things are different, but the most important aspect is changing ME to US.

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