So you’re visiting Iceland! We’re 100% sure you will have an amazing time and experience great adventure!

We also think you are looking for a photographer in Iceland. Or a videographer in Iceland. Or both. Don’t ask how we know that – this is only one of our hidden talents

Probably you’d like to get us know a little better. We totally understand – limiting the possibility to stuck with boring people for at least few hours of your precious holiday time is essential! So let us introduce ourselves, so that you can estimate level of boredom while working with us. Or, hopefully, lack of it.

We are Kat and Piotr, husband and wife living in Iceland. It was natural decision to work as a team, since we do everything together. Our personalities are like fire and ice, which means our services complement each other.

Kat will be your Iceland elopement photographer, wedding photographer or will take your surprise engagement photos in Iceland.

Actually, she can do a lot more for you and your better half – all she needs is an email describing your needs. Unofficially she is called The Problem Solver, so don’t hesitate to write that message!

A handful of random facts about Kat:

Your Local photographer in Iceland, Wedding photographer Iceland


Kat Deptula

  • Constant, crazy face hunter, stalking people on the street and asking for photos
  • Animal and nature freak, but has never owned a dog
  • Exercises regularly for few years, but still has no results
  • Loves strong, black coffee and chocolate
  • Doesn’t believe chocolate is the reason for no fitness progress
  • Had short hair only twice in her life
  • Queen of bad jokes (included in each package, want it or not)
  • Noticed first gray hair at the age of 18
  • Used to be a photo-model for 8 years before even touching the camera
  • Likes people who can laugh at themselves
  • Her full name is Katarzyna, but you can call her Kat. (Meow!)
  • Used to watch ‘Enter the Dragon’ again and again when she was 5
  • Life goal: To lie naked in the meadow covered in puppies and kittens
  • Tried to be normal for many years, but it didn’t work, so now she’s herself

Piotr will take care of the video and sound aspect of your Iceland wedding adventure.

Want to capture fun trekking day in Icelandic mountains or the moment, when she says YES on the day of your Iceland secret proposal. His videos are carefully selected and his hidden talent is to make music and picture go perfectly together. Unofficially he is called The GPS Man, so useful during trips!

A handful of random facts about Piotr:


Piotr Deptula

  • Great football fan
  • Loves soccer as well
  • Likes craft beers
  • His sentences are way shorter than Kat’s
  • Human-ghost – you won’t notice him rolling a video
  • Afraid of horses, but pretends he’s not
  • Total music freak, but can’t play any instrument
  • Can’t sing either
  • Used to have long hair
  • Now has long viking-style beard
  • Family keeps asking when is he going to shave it
  • Thinks he’s normal

Ok, enough about us – drop us a message and tell a bit more about yourself and your upcoming Icelandic adventure!


About you:

  • You’re not afraid of crazy weather
  • You like to laugh
  • You value quality over quantity
  • You want to feel comfortable
  • You need unforgettable moments that will stay with you forever.

If you fit to all of the above, you’re in right hands! Use the contact form and book your date!