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About - Kat Deptula


Probably before you’ll even consider talking to me you’d like to get me know a little better. It’s totally understandable – limiting the possibility to stuck with boring people for at least few hours of your precious  time is essential! So let me introduce ourselves, so that you can estimate level of boredom while working with me.


Or, hopefully, lack of it.


Actually, I can do a lot more for you and your better half than being your elopement, wedding or surprise  proposal photographer in Iceland– all I need is an email describing your needs. Unofficially, I am called The Problem Solver, so don’t hesitate to write that message!


A handful of random facts about me:

Local photographer in Iceland profile photo Kat Deptula


Shall I be your local photographer in Iceland?

I can say about myself that:

  • I’m constant, crazy face hunter, stalking people on the street and asking for photos
  • I’m an animal and nature freak, but has never owned a dog
  • I exercise regularly for few years, but still with no results
  • I love strong, black coffee and chocolate
  • I don’t believe chocolate is the reason for no fitness progress
  • I had short hair only twice in her adult life
  • I am the Queen of Bad Jokes (included in each package, want it or not)
  • I noticed first gray hair at the age of 18
  • I used to be a photo-model for 8 years before even touching the camera
  • I like people who can laugh at themselves
  • My full name is Katarzyna, but you can call me Kat. (Meow!)
  • I used to watch ‘Enter the Dragon’ again and again when she was 5
  • My life goal: To lie naked in the meadow covered in puppies and kittens
  • I tried to be normal for many years, but it didn’t work, so now I’m myself

Ok,  Kat, but tell me something more specific! I love chocolate too, but we’re talking about my big day here…


Sure thing! I know it’s hard to trust someone you’ve never seen before. Let me show you just a few reasons why there is nothing to be worried about:

Local wedding photographer in Ieland Kat Deptula is making photo of the couple in front of the waterfall

I am proud to be 5 star rated photographer

I am the luckiest photographer in the whole Iceland and I always get the best Customers ever! I am so happy to say my work has the highest 5/5 star rate on Facebook and Airbnb Experiences. Check my testimonials, where I gathered a lot of opinions in one place, or visit each place separately.

I don’t lie on my photos

I never, ever buy presets. I don’t change the reality of the photoshoot day. You won’t find two identical photoshoots in my portfolio, just like you will never see two identical days in Iceland. Visit my portfolio to see beautiful wedding and elopement photos in various Icelandic weather conditions.

Groom chasing the bride on black sand beach
Wedding ring floating above bride's hand


I’m just simple wedding photographer. But I know creative florists, amazing make up artists, creative videographers, wonderful musicians and other talented photographers. This way we can make real magic together! If you need a piece of basic advice about how to get married in Iceland, where to stay or what to eat, it’s possible you will find my blog very helpful. Click below and see priceless information I share totally for free on my blog and Youtube channel!

I know how it is

Years before I became weddig and elopement photographer in Iceland I used to be an amatour photo model. Enough to say I’m far from fashion standards. For 8 years I was learning how to act in front of the camera. How to look the best I can and how to feel comfortable on the photoshoot. Thanks to that, as wedding or elopement photographer, I am able to direct you during the posing process, I know how weird it might feel and thanks to that, we will nderstand each other a lot better. And this means – you’ve guessed it – amazing photos!

photo of gypsy fortune teller with the cat and glass ball
Wedding photogrpaher in Iceland working

I am  the photo ninja

I often use the silent mode on my camera, which means, you will not hear the CLICK sound. This gives you maximum intimacy during the ceremony or helps you relax, if being photographed stresses you. You won’t even know when I took all those amazing photos!


Working with amazing people is something I value a lot! Thanks to consistent work, learning and improving the service and technique, I have a huge pleasure to work as one of the photographers with:






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Ok, enough about me – drop me a message and tell a bit more about yourself and your upcoming Icelandic adventure!

About you:

You’re looking for wedding photographer in Iceland

You need to capture your Icelandic elopement

You want to surprise your better half with secret proposal photoshoot in the middle of stunning Icelandic nature

Just in need of local photographer to capture your visit to Iceland

If you can answer ‘yes’ to at least one of the above, you’re in the right hands!