5 stycznia, 2020

2018 vs. 2019 in numbers

How our life changed in 2019?

What a question! This year was crazy! Basically, there is no business aspect that hasn’t changed. First, and most important, I left my day job in June and dedicated myself fully to the photography. Now I can call myself Iceland local photographer! Yay! Another big step was investing in video equipment, which allowed Piotr to do better quality videos and work on it MUCH FASTER. Intrigued? Let’s see some more details.

how has the amount of our photoshoots in iceland changed in 2019?

Since I focused on photography more, the photoshoots literally SHOT UP! I was shocked to see 161% growth!!! I haven’t realised how busy 2019 was, until now. Let’s hope next year will be just as successful!

Which type of shoot was the most popular in 2019?

2019 was definitely a year of individual photoshoots. City walks and candid holiday shots were the ones you ordered the most. Portraits placed 2nd, which is no surprise, as this is one of my favourite type of shoots and I do a lot of them each year. It was unexpected to see family / kids photoshoots on 3rd place. The most stable are business photoshoots, which consist of product and fashion photoshoots.

which photo cathegory has grown the most?

No surprise, that comparing to 2018, the biggest growth has happened in individual shots, which shot up by 1250% ! This is insane! Second place goes to weddings / elopements with 250% increase. This makes me so proud, especially when I think about how worried I was about booking more weddings last year! Third place belongs to two groups: couples and secret proposal shoots, with the result of 200% growth. The only drop has occured in business shoots, but I’m not really worried about that, as I was not positioning myself for that and did none advertising whatsoever.

What about the rest?

Definitely the biggest and most important change was investing in our equipment. We bought two cameras, one for me and one for Piotr, two Olympus PRO lenses, one super strong computer and one of the best gimbals available on market.

Second biggest change was launching our website and starting with this blog. It doesn’t mean it’s perfect and totally finished, but is there any website owner that ever finished working on it?

Since we’re already talking about buying stuff, I have also put together my small photo space at home, including my photo-wardrobe. It’s nothing like a home studio, it’s rather work space I sometimes invite models to.

I have improved my delivery system, which was, honestly speaking, super bad. I used to use Dropbox to deliver ready product as well as the platform to share additional photos. If the Clients wanted to purchase more pictures, they had to give me the list of the chosen photos. Terrible, isn’t it? Takes a lot of time both for them and for me to make sure I get the right ones. Now I deliver nice and clean online gallery, with possibility to ‚heart’ favourite additional photos you’d like to purchase. Apart from that I introduced personalised phone app, that allows you to have your beautiful images always with you. Small thing making huge difference!

I have also switched from home made business cards to professionally designed ones. They still look simple and minimalistic, but in fact it’s so noticeable they were done by someone who knows their job! One of the best business choices so far.

And last, but not least, workshops and learning platforms. At the beginning of the year I participated in portrait workshops with Aleksander Ikaniewicz, which gave me opportunity to get new perspective on this field.

I’ve also became a monthly subscriber to amazing tutorial platform, Phlearn. I learn so much from it every day, couldn’t choose better source of information.

Here comes some bonus. My publications. In 2019 I was published in e-magazine Olymus passion, where I talk about my passion to photography and my journey. A little bit later I was also published in printed Icelandic magazine Vikan, where I was talking about my cooperation with Icelandic designer Fluga Design, as well as my Icelandic photo adventure.

so how was 2019?

It was extremely busy year, with a lot of improvements, investments and work on technique, marketing and brand. Some projects are constantly developing, others are still too small to reveal. I would say focusing exclusively on the company was the enourmous step forward. I hope all the results will work like a snowball and grow even more in upcoming 2020. It means a lot of work, commitment and discipline. But hey! Isn’ it how the success tastes like?

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